Barrington Night Stand

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BR-1340 Night Stand shown in Brown Maple with OCS-121 Smoke and 44-029A-241 Hardware

BR-1340 Night Stand 19¾”w 28″h 17″d w/1 drawer

BR-1341 Night Stand 19¼”w 28″h 16½”d w/1 drawer, 1 door

BR-1342 Night Stand 19¼”w 28″h 16½”d w/3 drawers

BR-1343 Night Stand 26½”w 28″h 17″d w/1 drawer

BR-1344 Night Stand 26″w 28″h 16½”d w/1 drawer, 2 doors

BR-1345 Night Stand 26″w 28″h 16½”d w/3 drawers (also pictured, shown in Shown in Brown Maple with FC-19093 Dark Knight and 24017-SN Hardware )


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