Square Table Set #2  Table, 4 41″ Benches

Available in Dining Height only

Square Table Set #2  Table, 4 41″ Benches

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Dining Height: 41″W × 41″D × 30.25″H | 121 lbs.

Counter Height: 41″W × 41″D × 36.5″H | 130 lbs.

Bar Height: 41″W × 41″D × 42″H | 133 lbs.

Standard with umbrella hole

Functional yet very attractive, the 41″ Square Table adds the finishing touch to any outdoor dining space. Seating four comfortably, it’s the perfect table for intimate gatherings, like meeting the new neighbors, celebrating a birthday, or getting together with the book club.


Overall: 41″W × 18.5″D × 19″H | 31 lbs.

Seat: 41″SW × 13″SD

Inspired by the benches found at community tables of today’s coziest coffee shops and bistros, our new 41″ Café Dining Bench is the picture-perfect companion to any square or rectangular LuxCraft dining table. The 41″ version easily seats two adults.


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