Dowel Bed

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Regular Footboard
LE-481-K (King) 85″w 87″l HB 54½”h FB 38½”h
LE-481-F (Full) 62½”w 82″l HB 51″h FB 35″h
LE-481-Q (Queen) 69″w 87″l HB 52½”h FB 36½”h
LE-481-T (Twin) 46½”w 82″l HB 49″h FB 33″h

Low Footboard
LE-483-K (King) 85″w 85¾”l HB 54½”h FB 14¾”h
LE-483-F (Full) 62½”w 80¾”l HB 51″h FB 14¾”h
LE-483-Q (Queen) 69″w 85¾”l HB 52½”h FB 14¾”h
LE-483-T (Twin) 46½”w 80¾”l HB 49″h FB 14¾”h

Headboard Only
LE-485K-HB (King) 54½” high
LE-485F-HB (Full) 51″ high
LE-485Q-HB (Queen) 52½” high
LE-485T-HB (Twin) 49″ high


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