Christy Hutch and Buffet

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2-Door Hutch & Buffet  2014-03002DHB Dimensions: 431/4"W x 221/4"D x 81"H
2-Door Buffet  2014-01002DB Dimensions: 411/2"W x 221/4"D x 34"H
3-Door Hutch & Buffet  2014-03013DHB Dimensions: 60"W x 221/4"D x 81"H
3-Door Buffet  2014-01013DB Dimensions: 581/4"W x 221/4"D x 34"H
4-Door Hutch & Buffet  2014-03024DHB Dimensions: 761/4"W x 221/4"D x 81"H
4-Door Buffet  2014-01024DB Dimensions: 741/2"W x 221/4"D x 34"H

Door panels available in Brown Maple  with OCS-230, Grey Elm with OCS-113,  glass or choice of species.

Shown in Grey Elm with OCS-113 and Brown Maple with OCS-230



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