Louis Phillipe Bedroom

Louis Phillipe Bedroom

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Manufacture: 087

Product Description:

Founded out of respect for grand elegance, our Louis Phillipe Suite abounds with strength and beauty from the inside out. Wide 5" solid hardwood moldings gently gird the crests and foundations of this well-built bedroom.

The frameworks of these twelve special pieces are hand-assembled with endurance, giving each one an heirloom quality that is expected from the community they're built into: a community where houses are still built with brick and timbers, barns are constructed of massive beams with mortise and tendon joints secured by hardwood pegs, roofs are still slated, and furniture making is still a craft and a way of life.

It is these enduring ways that bring the creation of the Louis Phillipe bedroom to life for you. Enjoy up to 12 unique configurations of red oak, quartersawn white oak, cherry, or maple in your favorite finish. Offered with stain, glaze, paint, or distressed finishes.